Monday, March 5 — Faith — Mark 5:21-43

“He said to her, ‘Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.’”
    In this familiar story, Jesus and his followers are in transit to go heal Jairus’ daughter. Along the journey, they are traveling through a large crowd in which a woman who suffered from a hemorrhage was hiding. After seeking healing from every possible source, she was desperate. She had heard stories of Jesus healing people, restoring them to wholeness and blessing them as they are able to be integrated into society once again. So she touched the hem of his cloak. He realized that someone in this crowd was in need and turned to speak with her. When he saw the faith she had, although her bleeding had already stopped, he offered her a blessing of wholeness. He offered her true healing. 
    Jesus offered both the 12-year-old girl and this woman healing. Both of these women and those who witnessed their healing, were transformed by this experience. Can you imagine the faith and courage the woman had to have to step out into the crowd where Jesus was walking? Her illness caused her to be cast out of the community because she was considered unclean. She had to courageously venture into the crowd after many doctors had declared her hopeless. Her faith in Jesus’ power and compassion gave her courage to do something that was not only frowned upon, but deemed a hopeless situation. Her faith had feet and those feet led her to abundant life. 
    During Lent, we are called to refocus on our faith. Has our faith lost its feet? Does our faith give us courage in hopeless situations? How can your faith be restored? 

You are the Giver of Faith, O God. You have gifted us with a faith to trust you to lead us through this life. We pray that you will continue to grow that faith. We pray for you to turn our faith into courageous action, wherever full life is waiting to be discovered. Amen.