Thursday, February 22 — Foundation — 1 Corinthians 2:14-3:15

“For no one can lay any foundation other than the one that has been laid; that foundation is Jesus Christ.”
    A foundation is an element of a building or structure that both connects the structure to the ground and helps bear the load of the structure. The purpose of a foundation is for connection and load-bearing. If the foundation of a house or building is damaged, the repair is costly and vital. Foundations are absolutely necessary to the health of the building they support. 
    Jesus is our foundation who connects us to our roots, our purpose, and a community. Jesus is also our foundation who bears our load for us. He takes on the weight that we carry around and transforms it. Often we rely heavily on other things to bear the load for us or at least to numb us to the pain of carrying it around. We have a tendency to turn to other things in our world to be our foundation. Our foundations can become cracked and damaged as we seek our center in things other than Christ. They become damaged as we seek to rely wholly on other things or people bear our load and connect us to our roots. 
    In this text, we see that some of the Christians in Corinth were arguing over factions within their church. Some were attributing their foundations to their teachers, even though as Paul explains, the teachers were simply encouraging and unearthing the growth God was already providing. It was God who was giving the growth. There are other things that might help us get in touch with with the growth and transformation God is providing in our lives, but let us not get confused that it is God who is doing the transforming. It is Jesus who is our foundation, providing the soil and the conditions that will enable growth. 
    Is your foundation damaged? What does it look like for Jesus to be your foundation? Who have been the people in your lives who have helped you get in touch with where God is working in your life? 
Loving God, we seek to make you the foundation of our lives. Even though we may turn to other people and things to be our foundation, the deepest desire of our hearts is to turn to you. Empower us to do so in the coming days. Enliven our every thought and make your presence known in our lives so that we do not forget you who are our foundation. Amen.