Sunday, February 18 — Light — John 12:44-50

“I have come as light into the world, so that everyone who believes in me should not remain in the darkness.” 
    Have you ever lit a small candle in a large, dark room? Regardless of how great the darkness is, the light of the flickering flame makes it impossible for the room to be completely dark. The presence of the light, however small, eliminates the possibility for the room to be in darkness. It might not illuminate the entire room, but the flame in a small candle is enough to eliminate darkness in the room. 
    Darkness and light are metaphors used throughout the Biblical narrative as a way to talk about Christ’s presence with us. This passage in the Gospel of John compares Jesus to light and the absence of his presence to darkness. When Jesus comes into our lives, darkness has no place. The light that Jesus brings into our lives and into our world may just begin as a small, flickering flame. As we grow as Christians, as we reflect on our relationships with Christ, as we are transformed into the people God intended us to be, Christ’s light in our world grows brighter. 
    Consider your own relationship with Christ. How bright is the light he brings in your life? How can you help the brightness grow? What do you need to do or change in your life for the Light of the World to be seen more clearly in your life and in our world? 

God of Light, it is with great thanksgiving that we come to you today. You bring light to our lives and to our world. With humble hearts, we recognize the need for more light. We need your light to grow in us and in our world. Transform us as we seek to bear your light to our world. Amen.