Giving to University Baptist Church

Why We Give:

At University Baptist Church (UBC), we give of our financial resources to facilitate the goals of connecting people to God and each other through Jesus Christ.  Specifically, these funds support the operational and program expenses, the salaries and benefits of the staff, and the maintenance of the building and grounds.

Who Can Give:

Anyone, whether a member of UBC or a UBC friend (i.e., not a member, but interested in supporting the work of UBC) can contribute.  Each person who gives receives an annual giving statement from the church. These statements evidence contributions for tax purposes.

How Often We Give: 

How often the members and friends of UBC give is a personal decision.  Some people give weekly, while others give monthly, quarterly or annually.

How You Can Get Involved In Giving:

Giving During Worship - Anyone may contribute to University Baptist Church during a worship service or other meeting in which an “offering” is taken. Contributions may also be given directly through the church office by mail or hand delivery. It is best to place your contributions in an offering envelope. These are available on the back of the pews in the sanctuary. A box of offering envelopes is given to each new member and mailed to all members each year.

Online Giving –  The link at the top of this page will allow you to donate to UBC with a credit card.

Pledge Card Form – UBC conducts an annual giving campaign every November, where our members and friends pledge to give a specific amount the next calendar year.  The amount to give is a personal decision.  This campaign is managed by the Stewardship Committee.  This campaign  provides an estimate of the church’s income to be used for budgeting purposes. This link will take you to a page where you can print out a pledge form. After filling out the form, you can mail or fax it to UBC; you will receive an acknowledgement from the church.

Estate Gifts – You may also wish to contribute money, property, or real estate to UBC through your Estate (as an estate gift).