LIFE Groups (Living in Faith Everyday)

20190826_Fall Life Group Insert.png

Are you looking for the best way to get connected with others at UBC? LIFE Groups are weekly sermon-based small groups that can meet any time during the week either in homes, at church, or at any other location that is convenient for a particular group. The purpose of the groups is to provide a comfortable environment, where we can spend time in fellowship with a group of friends, studying God’s Word, and talking about how Christ has been at work in our lives.

Each Sunday during a cycle, everyone is given study guides that are based on that Sunday’s sermon, so that LIFE Group participants can then study and discuss in much more depth the topic that has been introduced with the sermon. 

We’ll have different groups meeting on different days, at different times, all over the Baltimore area, so there will surely be a group just waiting for you! Please contact a pastor for more information on how to get involved.